About TRY AI

I'm here to help small business owners like you maximise the benefits of AI. From improving your marketing and sales performance to saving time on admin and customer service.

The story behind TRY AI

How I can help your small business?

In many ways, that's the beauty of AI. We'll have an initial connect call to see where you most need assistance whether it's time efficiencies or performance improvements such as website conversion rate or sales response times and take it from there.

Who am I?

I've worked in a variety of digital roles and organisations for over a decade now. Primarily in digital marketing where I first came across AI and its possibilities. I went down the rabbit hole and never came out. I love to help small businesses and the best way for me to do that right now is helping you utilise the benefits of AI.

Core values & principles


Whether it's communication or application of ideas I keep it simple and focus on what matters most.


You'll know exactly where you're project is at and what's working well and where we can improve.


I only work with clients I truly know I can help and want to support. Once signed I'll give you my all to succeed.


You're paying me to deliver a result and I take the responsibility to do just that very seriously.


You won't have to wait to hear from me. I'm pro-active in sharing updates and recommendations.


Particularly in AI it's crucial I keep up to date with the latest technologies and tools to benefit your business.


AI moves at a rapid pace. I keep up to date with the latest changes so you don't have to.



DALL.E - Create images from text


Wave of tools

ChatGPT - Optimising language models for dialogue



The AI market is forecasted to reach almost $200bn this year.

Hear what my amazing clients say

I've worked with dozens of small businesses on their digital and AI strategies.

“A pleasure to work with“

"John has been a pleasure to work with, we have seen excellent results from his strategy. His professional and straight-forward approach makes it easy for us to see the benefits of our investment."

Dara Huang
Founder, DH Liberty

“Improvements to get results“

"John is easy to deal with, keen to help to make improvements to get results. I would recommend John for helping with all aspects of digital."

Adam Bradley
Managing Director (UK), Ekco
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